Spoken Word Sex-Ed

Project by Maddie Godfrey

Based in perth, WA - with national scope

Maddie Godfrey will develop an educational program that uses spoken word poetry to educate about sexual health and sexuality.

I will enter educational domains and schools around Australia and host Spoken Word poetry workshops that use performance poetry and slam poetry to address taboo topics such as gender politics, sexuality, queerness, mental health, respectful relationships and consent. I want to address these topics, which the educational system often tiptoes around, using a very relatable and compassionate approach. I want to empower students to understand how their creative voices are a vehicle for expression, communication and empowerment. I am excited about the way that poetry can bring people together in shared spaces of honest communication, and I want this project to be an extension of that.

By engaging with these important issues in a new way, I intend to provide students with the educational opportunities that I wish I could’ve had. Hopefully this early intervention will raise new generations of artists and activists who are proud to take up space, and know the power of their own creative expression.

Arts Initiative Australia will provide Maddie with a mentor and some funds towards courses to help her be prepared to support students through any issues raised as a result of the workshops. We’ll then support “Spoken Word Sex-Ed” to develop its core marketing needs (branding and website).


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