Development of |seed| - a new music micro-festival in Adelaide

Project by Leah Blankendaal with the support of COMA

Based in Adelaide, SA

Leah Blankendaal will develop the infrastructure required to launch a new festival of new music, |seed|, in Adelaide.

|seed| is a new music micro-festival for Adelaide that celebrates the conception of new ideas and experiences. Through a mixture of composed and freely improvised works, |seed| will create an intensive space for performers, composers, improvisers and audiences to explore what it means to ‘begin’. Established and emerging artists from around the country will gather for a series of performances, workshops and seminars across a rigorous two-day period. The festival needs infrastructure, financial support and mentoring in a variety of festival-production aspects to get off the ground.

Arts Initiative Australia will place and support a mentorship program for Leah to develop a business plan. In addition, AIA will raise the seed funding required to produce the first rendition of |seed|.

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