Heima Art Residency - Melanie Eden

Project by Melanie Eden

Based in Sydney, NSW

Melanie Eden will develop her artistic practice and knowledge base by interacting with like-minded artists during an HEIMA residency in East Iceland.

Melanie was one of six artists selected for the HEIMA residency located in a small fishing town (pop 700) in East Iceland to spend 50 days exploring the experimental school and festival directed by the HEIMA residency founders, LungA. She will be developing her practice as a facilitator of arts based educative experiences to address social and emotional wellbeing in education.

Going to Iceland will allow Melanie to focus on her art away from her performance commitments and social life and connect with a select group of artists from around the world who are pursuing similar artistic objectives to her. Engaging with LungA will help her in developing her artistic practice, her community engagement skills, and allow her to conduct research that will help her create educative facilities for Australian’s in the future.

Arts Initiative Australia will support Melanie by raising funds to attend her 50 day residency. In total she needs $5,500, and we are looking to raise at least a part of that, if not the full amount. We love Melanie's approach to her constant self-development and we're very excited by her diverse artistic outputs.

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