Project by Louise McKay

National Project based in Perth, WA

Home is where the art is

"Ensembly" is a digital platform that will connect Artists, Hosts and Audiences; allowing for professional artistic performances in the intimate spaces of private homes.

Ensembly is like ‘Airbnb’ for intimate artistic experiences. Initially focusing on chamber music in Perth, "Ensembly" allows the opportunity for hosts to give audiences an experience of the deep connection performers share with the works they are presenting, as well as each other. It is a scalable model, which  will develop into a national platform with multiple art forms. The performances available for hosting will be curated by an artistic team ensuring high quality experiences. Likewise, hosts will undergo a process to ensure they have suitable performance space and an understanding of their responsibility to the artist and audience.

The goals of this platform are to increase accessibility to intimate performance (with accessible pricing and comfortable venues) and to offer new performance opportunities to artists. Ensembly not only builds capacity for individual artists by giving them new revenue stream possibilities, but also encourages new audiences to experience them. At a broader level, Ensembly is a vehicle for change in the Australian culture, encouraging more people to be more open to artistic experience and place greater value on artistic performance. A large component of this project's success will rely on social media, and thus audience members, hosts, and performers will all be encouraged to share their experiences with their networks, increasing the visibility of the performing arts in a wider online community.

Arts Initiative Australia is supporting Ensembly through fundraising and by connecting the founder, Louise, with mentors and networks to help with start-up development and promotion.

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