September 2017 - Report

September 2017 Report

In this report we look at Events, Finances and an update on Artist Activity. 


We've recently had two amazing events.

On August 13, the Government House Trust and Arts Initiative Australia joined to present an event with Louis Hurley at the Government House Ballroom in Perth. Subscribers of Limelight Magazine and members of Perth's arts community were invited to attend.  Louis was accompanied by Mark Coughlan and performed works from the classical repertoire as well as a new piece he'd commissioned from his WAAPA friend, composer Alex Turney.


Then, on 26 August, Yellow House hosted Arts Initiative Australia's Sydney Launch, where an intimate set of performances and presentations took place with small audience groups touring 8 performance stations. Natalie Wadwell (State of the Arts), Dan Graham (theatre director), Natalie Ayton (performance artist), Andrew Batt-Rawden (Arts Initiative Australia director), Natalie Zwar (Arts Initiative Australia chair), Emily Granger (harp), Guy James Whitworth (visual artist), Bruno Panuccio (performance installation artist), Kim Walker (arts strategist) and Melanie Eden (performance artist) presented or performed during the eclectic event. 


Financial Report

Since we started earlier this year, we've had 46 donations online totalling $3,215 and $1,100 at events. 

Ideally, to fund (properly) the projects we currently want to support, a goal of $300,000 has been set. We've got different plans in place to achieve it, and could use all the support we can get. As some of these projects are slow burners, it's a figure we'd need to have raised in total over a couple of years. It's also not entirely required from private philanthropy, we can achieve it through grants and in-kind support. 

Finances raised have so far been allocated towards Louis Hurley, |Seed|, Ensembly, Melanie Eden and Dan Graham. 

Artist Updates

Dan Graham (theatre director) came to us originally asking about support for a very large project, that we're looking at helping him realise next year. The resources required are beyond our reach, however we have been able to finance a support worker who is helping him circumnavigate his disabilities to form grant applications and partnerships towards his goal. We're investigating use of NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) funding to create a permanent solution. In the short term, however, Dan has directed a show being presented 6-9 September as part of Sydney Fringe Festival - "What I'll Never Say" - written and performed by a senior lobbyist at a multinational pharmaceuticals company who tells his story. 

Louise McKay from Ensembly approached us about developing a business to present chamber events in private homes. We have been able to advise her on a number of issues such as budgeting and public liability as well as connect her with a wide network of providers for small presenters, and put some finance towards design. Louise is presenting four shows this month. She is launching on September 10 in Perth and you can register here.

Melanie Eden is well into her residency in Iceland. She approached us originally to fund her trip there! We worked together to apply for grants, which, alas, fell through (the independent arts sector is extremely competitive and difficult for funding), so we were able to help her out in the small ways that we could, and she's scraping through. We've also been developing a plan for when she gets back to Sydney for a sustainable independent artist career. She applied for the Peggy Glanville-Hicks residency, but one must not count chickens before they're hatched, and it's always wise to have multiple baskets to hold eggs. In her artistic practice, she is specifically investigating participatory arts experiences with young people, and we're looking forward to supporting her plans in any way we can.

Leah Blankendaal from Adelaide approached us to help her develop a new new music festival in Adelaide called |seed|. A long term project, that takes a lot of planning and support, we're funding a mentorship with David Chisholm, the founder and director of the extremely successful BIFEM.

Louis Hurley, an incredible singer from Perth, needs support for his studies overseas. His project can't be supported really with advice or mentoring - he needs cash to support his studies and living expenses whilst at the Guildhall School. Ideally, we'd have 50 people donating $100 a month on a recurring donation over a 2 year period to support Louis' studies. We held a fundraiser in Perth for him in August. We'll continue to help Louis find the financial support he needs. Unfortunately there are no government grants that will support this type of project, but there are foundations; which we are investigating and looking to apply to, in addition to finding a group of champions to help Louis through. 

We're still finding our feet when it comes to reporting on what we've been up to, so we're welcoming of any feedback you may have. Please get in touch; if you are so inclined. 


Andrew Batt-Rawden