Arts Initiative Australia Funding Policies

accepted by Register of Cultural Organisations 15/2/2017


Policy for Selection of Projects for Arts Initiative Australia to Support


Arts Initiative Australia allows for an open Expression of Interest to be submitted to or via a form on the website

The initial Expression of Interest is read by a board member to ascertain if the project meets basic eligibility;

  • The project or artist must be Australian
  • The project must adhere to the objects of Arts Initiative Australia.


Company Objects:

The principal objects and purposes of the Company:

(a) the promotion in Australia of the Arts and the promotion of Australian Artists including (but not limited to):

(i) commissioning new work;
(ii) supporting and promoting Artistic performances, publications and exhibitions; and
(iii) supporting and promoting Artists;

(b) the development of:

(i) Australian Artists to reach their full potential, including through:

(A) providing grants, scholarships and bursaries for education, study and training;
(B) sponsoring master-classes
( C) supporting mentoring and career and Artistic guidance;

(ii) markets and audiences for Australian Artists and the Arts; and
(iii) projects that encourage the development in Australia of communities of Artists, other professionals involved in the Arts, audiences for the Arts and supporters of the Arts.

If the project meets basic eligibility, the applicant is notified. Further project detail at this point is requested as appropriate.

The Expression  of Interest and further detail of the project is provided to a Selection Committee appointed by the board (with at least 3 members including at least one board member) who assess it against;

  • The level of commitment the project instigator(s) have been able to demonstrate in their documentation
  • Arts Initiative Australia's capacity to support or partner on the project
  • The level of impact to the capacity of the arts or artists the project has
  • The projected capacity of Arts Initiative Australia to support the project in addition to other future planned projects

The Selection Committee will meet at least four times a year, more frequently if necessary.


Policy for Advertisement of support opportunities


  • Expression of Interest submissions are advertised/open on our website
  • Expression of Interests applications will be open for submission at all times and will be assessed by the Selection Committee within 3 months from receipt of the application
  • Decisions to support projects will be made at least four times a year, more frequently if amount of grants and organisational capacity warrants
  • Opportunity to submit EOI for Support will be promoted via our social media reach
  • As new projects we support are announced, they will be promoted via our website, social media and media releases, with invitation for more submissions to support in the future included in every media release

The following text outlining what projects we support and how they're supported is made public via our website;

What We Support

Arts Initiative Australia supports individuals and unincorporated collectives with capacity building grants.

We are arts-agnostic and supportive of projects that cross arts genres. We are open to considering a variety of applications, however, the following areas are provided as a guide.

Infrastructure // Resources & Knowledge

  • New knowledge (e.g, mentoring, self-directed education or research/development projects, or study)

  • Support staff or consultants

  • Physical spaces or equipment
  • Enterprise, collective or collaboration start-up costs

Artistic Works // Including Research & Development

  • Artistic works that are directly part of a strategic plan towards career sustainability

  • Artistic works that contribute towards research into a strategic plan for career sustainability

Audience Development // Building Your Own Audience or General Arts Audiences

  • Communications and marketing

  • Audience acquisition, development and nurturing

  • Advocacy

How We Support

We provide assistance and advice in establishing business structures, marketing, legalities, mentoring programs, administration of artistic initiatives, fostering partnerships. Although finance is an important factor of every project, many projects require far more than a one off grant.

Selection of Projects for us to Support

We will take projects on board where;

  • there is strong authentic commitment to the project by its instigator(s) and partners/supporters
  • the project will have a high impact on the capacity of an artist or for the arts
  • we have the capacity to help or support

Once you have submitted your Expression of Interest, we will get back to you with feedback and/or further questions within 4 weeks. 

Apply for Support

Expressions of interest given by Video or Sound in addition to, or lieu of written application, are welcome.

You can either use our Expression of Interest form, or email your materials to

Please ensure you answer the following questions in your submission;

  • What do you have in mind? Why is it important to you?
  • How does your project build your capacity as an artist or to the arts at large?
  • Next Steps for your Project?

Any additional information you may provide will be considered, but please ensure that it is relevant to the explanation of your project and what stage it is up to.